Ride because you love it

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By Bat

I had an accident in '07. It was scary, but not life-threatening or permanently debilitating. After surgery on the knee, I have no PCL but do have full range of motion. The knee is still slightly misshapen and discoloured, and it swells/hurts with weather changes, but I was one lucky and fully geared-up girl.

So basically, I ended up okay physically, but mentally/emotionally it did a number on my head. The accident was due to complete negligence on the part of another rider coming the opposite direction. I went over the accident time and again in my head, with my friends, and even walking the site, trying to figure out what I could have done differently. Self-doubt had begun.

Even though I had put a decent amount of miles on the bike, in nearly every condition and on all kinds of roads and road surfaces, I started to question whether I had the skills. But here is my point: I still knew inside that I wanted to ride. My head gave me doubt, but my heart said go for it.

Perhaps I am just at an age to finally realize myself (or perhaps it was the sudden contact with the pavement) but I can no longer afford to waste time on things that don't satisfy my soul. And I kind of hate seeing anyone else do that to themselves - waste time, that is. To question oneself takes a lot of courage.

So, what does your heart say? Forget about your head and the games it plays; what does your heart want? Because if you do still have that desire to ride, the rest of the issues can be dealt with. But if the desire isn't really there, don't waste any more time on something you don't love. Spend that time finding your true passion instead.