Can I get fork tube protectors/gaiters?

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There are a few things you can do to protect your fork tubes from rocks and other flying debris. Keep in mind that functionality sometimes comes at the expense of aesthetics. (Some people think these products are not so attractive.)

  • Hippo Hands makes Fork Gaiters that are held on by velcro. Install in about ten seconds.
  • NOJ makes neoprene Fork Guards that also attach with velcro. Available at California Sport Touring, other online stores, or most local dealers.
  • Here's a nearly-free DIY idea: Use a small water bottle sliced in 1/2 length wise. Cut it 4 3/4" long, to keep it from hitting the bottom of the triple clamp. Spray with satin black spray paint on the inside and attach with two zip ties. From a few feet away it almost looks like a rubber fork boot.
  • Try digging around your local parts houses for some of the boots that are available for off road truck shocks or steering stabilizers. The right one could be trimmed down to fit the necessary length you are looking for. Another plus is that they come in a variety of colors to closely match or contrast with your bike's color.