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The EX250K is the fuel injected version of the 2008+ Ninja 250. It was/is available in most of the world, excepting N America. This will show you how to find and read any error codes which you may get for the FI system.

First of all, you should get a Service Manual. It's the best source of information on your bike. The charts we show here will enable you to diagnose your problem, but in order to do the work you're going to need the manual. And remember, nearly everyone active in this club has a bike with carburetors.

Normal operation for the fuel injection light works like this: When the ignition switch is turned to ON, the FI light turns on and goes off after 2 or 3 seconds.

If the FI light comes on while riding, you need to figure out what it means. There is a Self-Diagnosis Lead for this. It's a single yellow wire, found under the front seat, with a female bullet connector. You hook up a wire to that (to make it longer) then ground it to the battery ground terminal to get into Dealer Mode.

There are two dealer modes. Dealer Mode 1 = code right now. Dealer Mode 2 = stored codes (usually what you want). To get into Mode 1, turn the key on and ground your wire to the battery ground.

Dealer Mode 2 is a bit more complicated. Instead of just grounding the wire, you have to ground and release it more than five times within two seconds, then keep it grounded.

Once you're connected, you have to count the blinks of the FI light. There are two types of blinks. Long lasts about 1 second, and short is about 0.5 second. Long light blinks are values of 10; short blinks are values of 1. Example sequence: long blink + long blink + short blink = 21. If there is more than one code, the lower one is displayed first, then any higher numbered codes. This will then repeat.

This info is fairly self explanatory from the service manual pages shown below. If it doesn't make sense when you follow along, then perhaps it's best to ask someone with more wrenching experience to help, or take it to a dealer or mechanic.

250K FI 1.jpg 250K FI 2.jpg 250K FI 3.jpg