How to drain the float bowls 2

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In order to drain your carbs, you must first find the appropriate beverage containers to catch the petrol.

250 carbs 070507 01a.jpg

Here are the float bowl bolts from the right (throttle) side view.

250 carbs 070507 02a.jpg

Loosening (lefty loosey)(counterclockwise) the allen bolt. You have to reach across from the right side to access the left carb.

250 carbs 070507 03a.jpg

Petrol from the left carburetor drains into the container.

250 carbs 070507 04a.jpg

Time to drain the right carburetor.

250 carbs 070507 05a.jpg

Time to tighten the allen bolts. It actually takes more time to take pictures than it does to drain the bowls.

250 carbs 070507 06a.jpg

When you're ready to ride again: Turn the petcock to PRI (prime - if you have it) or ON and crank the engine. It'll take several seconds and feel like eternity to get enough gas into the carbs so the bike can start.