How to lower your bars....

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Okay some of us want to lower the handle bars on our 250s, but don't have a bunch of cash or don't want clip ons.

Well here's a little modification that won't break the bank. First you need to get a set of risers from and early model ZX600, or 1986~1987 Ninja 250 I got my ZX600c risers off eBay for $12.00 shipped, which requires a little modification to fit.

Now you have to grind a small amount off of them so they fit, the end is slightly curved, where ours are straight. Once you've done that, it's and easy swap out the risers.

WARNING: red loc-tite is on the bar bolt, so you might want to heat them up a little bit.

As seen it the pictures below you can see for yourself how much lower they are, just enough, but not too much I think.

I like my the shorter style, but then again I have really long arms, so it's no problem, even more comfortable for me.

It doesn't really effect it too much, but does a little, but I'm talking moving it around the garage etc... Once your moving it makes no difference.

I did notice while I was doing the modifications that my bars are bent slightly, so new bars are on the shopping list.

It's an easy and cheap modification to do, and if you don't like it, you can change it back, or if your going on a long trip, it's easily changed out.