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This article covers changing the oil in the 08--> EX250J model. There is a lot of information on oil in the Engine Oil section of the FAQ, so do some reading there. The procedure for oil changing in the J model is almost the same as for the older F model, so you might want to look at that article for tips.

The first difference from the standard oil change is using the sidestand, as there is no centerstand on the newer model. If you have a rear stand you can use that, but the crankcase drains just fine while on the sidestand.

The 'old' drain plug is still there but is now not used. The oil filter assembly is a carry-over from the previous model.

Oil drain 01-3.jpg Oil drain 02-2.jpg

The 'new' oil drain plug is now part of the oil strainer assembly. The drain plug and crush washer are identical to the 'old' drain plug and crush washer. Also, the drain plug is now horizontal instead of vertical, and it faces slightly downward with the sidestand down.

Oil drain 03-2.jpg Oil drain 04.jpg

The drain plug position gives very little room to loosen the bolt. Use a breaker bar and get good leverage away from the concrete and lower shock linkage, otherwise you may remove large amounts of skin from your left pinky and middle finger knuckles... Don't use your torque wrench to loosen bolts. It's only for checking the tension when you replace them.

Oil change 022408 01.jpg Oil change 022408 02.jpg

After the oil drains from the drain plug, replace it and torque it to 14.5 ft/lbs. You HAVE TO use a torque wrench. As with the classic, you can reuse the crush washer, but a new one is very cheap insurance. When you reuse the crush washer, you run the risk of oil seeping out around the already compressed crush washer. Why skimp on a $0.33 part? (92065-097 from www.ronayers.com)

Remove the oil filter cover and remove the oil filter. Check the filter for debris. Put in the new oil filter. This is the same filter as the one on the classic. Check that all the parts for the filter assembly are in the right order, especially the washer (part #92022 below). Here's the diagram:

Oil filter assembly.jpg

Put a fine bead of oil on the rubber gaskets. Torque the cover to 14.5 ft/lbs.

Next step is to add oil. The '08 uses 1.8 quarts (1.7 L) with a filter change, but you don't want to start off pouring that much in there. Pour in about 1.5 quarts/litres, then run the engine for 15+ seconds. Then, shut off the engine and wait several minutes for the oil to drain down. Check the oil level, and then begin adding as necessary. You may have to repeat these steps several times. Take your time and make sure you get the oil level correct. You don't want to overfill or underfill it. The oil should be at least halfway between the lower and the upper marks on the sight glass. Keeping the level at or close to the full mark is recommended. As these pictures were taken in the middle of an oil change, there is no oil showing in the glass.

Oil change 022408 05-2.jpg Sight glass-6-2.jpg

Make sure you check the oil level on a flat surface, with the 250R off the sidestand & fully upright.

Run the engine for a minute or so and check for leaks. Ride it for a few minutes and check for leaks again. Make sure there is no oil leaking from around the filter assembly or drain plug. Check your oil religiously.

You should also check the oil screen sometime early on in your ownership.