Jetting adjustments for altitude & temperature

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This chart is for the advanced tuner and, again, will help you get into the ballpark. It basically only helps when assuming the 105 is the perfect jet size at +15C and 0' MSL. Unless, of course, you know what your particular bike needs at some specific temp and altitude, and then you need to change it for some other temp and/or altitude.

An experience tinkerer can get good information from this. Duke, for example:

"This does seem to explain that at 90 degrees in Tennessee (~1000' MSL) a stock bike needs 102.5 mains. It also seems to suggest that since my rally bike was running pretty good out West at 6000' @ 90 deg. with 107.5 mains, it would seem to want ~ #115 mains for 60 deg. in Nashville. I jetted it lean on purpose for the IBR, since so much of it was at higher altitudes.

"It's definitely yet another tool for those that like to be precise about getting their bike tuned properly."

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