Lowering the bars on a budget

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This article will help you lower your handlebars without spending a bunch of cash or making your body into a pretzel via clip-ons.

First, get a set of risers from an early model Kawasaki ZX600, or (most unlikely) a 1986-87 Ninja 250. This set of ZX600c risers were obtained online for $12.00 shipped.


These require a little modification to fit, as the end is slightly curved, whereas ours are straight.

IMAG1952.jpg IMAG1954.jpg

Find yourself a grinding tool and square off to the 250 shape. Once you've done that, it's an easy swap.

WARNING: Kawasaki's usual Bunch O' Red Loc-Tite is on the bolt holding the bar in the riser.

With clip-ons, there is the problem of the bars hitting the tank at full lock. With these, it's close to the tank on the right side (but not hitting). It's aso pretty close turning turn to the left, but the brake line attached to the master cylinder hits the instrument panel first.

Lower than stock; higher than clip-ons.

IMAG1957.jpg IMAG1964.jpg

Finished product looks like this: