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Things to know before you buy a motorcycle

Icon_mini_members.gif What protective riding gear should I have?

Icon_mini_members.gif Should I take an MSF course?

How much does it really cost to own a motorcycle?

Icon_mini_members.gif Why 600cc+ sportbikes are NOT beginner bikes

I'm gonna save big money by buying an EX250

What do I need to know about insurance?

Should I pay for the "extended warranty"?

AAA-type roadside assistance

How can I haul my bike on a truck/trailer?

Is it better to buy new or used?

What do I need to know about buying a used bike?

Why new riders shouldn't get "needs some work" bikes

Safety precautions when buying or selling

How to sell your bike

Can I import a motorcycle into Canada?

How exchange rates have raised motorcycle prices recently

Why bikes die

I want to get a bike but I don't know the "process"

I want to get a bike but my parents won't let me

Thinking about a Ninja 250

What is a Ninja 250?

Differences between New Generation and Classic bikes

Can I get some stats/specs for the bike?

Ninja 250 testimonials and stories

What kind of performance can I expect from a Ninja 250?

What kind of gas mileage can I expect?

Am I too big for this motorcycle?

Am I too small for this motorcycle?

How does the EX250 handle freeway riding?

Shouldn't I consider a bigger bike? Won't I want a bigger one later anyway?

What are some other good beginner bikes?

How does the Ninja 250 compare to the Honda CBR250?

How does the EX500 compare to the EX250?

Buell Blast vs Ninja 250

What about the ZZR250; how does it compare?

I want to put a bigger engine in my Ninja

What are the different models of the EX250?

What colors were available?

Comparisons and Reviews of the EX250

I have a 1986-1987 model. What's different?

How long will a Ninja 250 engine last?

Is it a good investment; will it retain its value?

Used ex250 price calculator

Just bought a Ninja 250

living with the bike

technical info/maintenance

First days: Living with a motorcycle

Motorcycling flowchart: Not becoming a statistic

Icon_mini_members.gif What are some good riding techniques?

I want to improve my riding skills. What exercises can I do?

I can ride just fine after a couple beers, right? Right??

Icon_mini_members.gif What is the meaning of some of this bike vocabulary I'm hearing?

What do I need to know about keys?

EX250F key blanks

How do I wash the bike?

I am having trouble putting my bike on its centerstand

My bike jolts forward when I put it in gear after first starting it; is this normal?

E-Z shifting for beginners

My bars move side-to-side when I take my hands off

Speedometer Error

How far can I go after putting the fuel petcock on "reserve"

What are those tubes hanging down from the bike for?

Should I use the side prop or centerstand when I park?

I only use my bike for short trips. What should I do?

Why does my gas tank sometimes whine when I stop?

Cold weather preparation

I want to install frame sliders

My bike was wrecked but it wasn't my fault

Service Manual

Owners manual

Do I really have to follow this break-in period?

Bike mods for beginners

Do I have to do this 500 mile service?

What is the correct way to apply choke at startup?

Warming up your engine

What is the engine idle speed? How do I adjust it?

What can I do if I flood it?

Why does my bike take so long to reach normal running temperature?

What kind of fuel should I use?

How do I check my oil?

My oil pressure light comes on during heavy braking

How does the reserve tank work?

Why performance mods might not be good for you

Loud pipes save lives - is that true?

Icon_mini_members.gif I Need Recommendations For Tools/Parts

Bike stands/Supporting your bike while servicing

Speed @ rpm calculator

Speed, rpm & acceleration explained

EX250 parts diagrams

I bought a bike that's been sitting for a while. What now?

How should I go about preparing my bike for winter storage?


Ninja 250 Rider's bookshelf

Icon_mini_members.gif Humor and satire

I'm ready to hit the twisties. Where are some good motorcycle roads?