Rejetting after installing pod filters

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Note: This article is very similar to this jetting article.

Buy the following Kawasaki part numbers:

  • 92063-1116 - 108 main jet
  • 92063-1114 - 110 main jet
  • 92063-1117 - 112 main jet

It's doubtful you will need the 112 main jet, but the jets themselves are not all that expensive. Buy a 10 pack of #4 washers, and slip a couple of them on the needles before inserting the needles into the slide diaphragms.

The most important thing is to make 1 change at a time.

  • Start with just the pods. Make sure the bike runs with them installed, and that you get a feel for the way the bike now runs.
  • Then switch to the 108 main jets. Test ride again. Pay attention to full-throttle, don't worry about anything else.
  • Then go up to the 110 main jets, and test ride some more.
  • Switch to the 112's. Yup, you guessed it, more test riding.
  • Decide which main jets performed best at full throttle. Put those ones in.
  • Now add 2 washers under each needle and test ride, paying attention to opening the throttle (vs. wide open).
  • Add another washer under each, and test ride some more.
  • Keep adding washers until you have 5 under each, and then choose the amount of washers that gave the best acceleration between closed and open throttle.

And then all that's left is the mixture screw settings. First, adjust the valves perfectly. Then, adjust both mixture screws to 2 1/2 turns out. Then, synch the carbs.

Bike should now be perfect.