Removing the speedometer, odometer & tripmeter

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These three items are all connected together in the gauge cluster, but once you take them out you can take them apart. For more information on this part of your bike see Speedometer Error and/or Reattaching the speedometer cable & retainer.

To get started:

  • Remove upper fairing
  • Remove headlight from bracket (four 10mm bolts located on the side of the headlight)
  • Remove instrument cluster from bracket (three 8mm nuts on the back of the cluster). Take care to note that there are three black metal washers located under the nuts. They tend to stick to the rubber bushings that the cluster mounts to.

Now that you're down to the gauge cluster, separate the white plastic back housing from the black front housing by removing the phillips screws from the rear. (Pay no attention to the circles in this photo; in FAQ we use what we have.)

Speedo removal 1.jpg

Now remove the 2 phillips screws on either side of the speedometer cable receptacle. This allows you to take the entire speedo/odo/tripmeter assembly out of the white plastic housing in one piece. It looks like this:

2011-06-10232109.jpg 2011-06-10232116.jpg

Being careful to not strip them, use a #2 phillips or a JIS screwdriver and remove these screws:

2011-06-10232011.jpg 2011-06-10231903.jpg

The tripmeter now pops out.


If you've screwed up anything in the trip odometer assembly, just toss it and replace with one from another gauge cluster. More than likely a cluster from eBay that has all the tabs broken off will still provide a tripmeter that is completely usable.