Replacing clutch & brake levers

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Things you need are:

  • New levers
  • 10mm socket and ratchet
  • Flathead screwdriver
  • 20 minutes or less

Clutch lever

Before you start, make sure to take careful notice of how the clutch safety switch is installed. If you mess it up on the reinstall, it may be a while before you ride again. You have to make sure to not break off the plunger, which turns the switch on and off.


Loosen and unhook the clutch cable. The adjuster should be all the way in. Loosen the adjuster at the handle bar by unscrewing the lock nut and turning the adjuster in to the clutch perch. Try to line up the slots in the adjuster and lock nut as shown to facilitate cable removal.


Now you can remove the cable. Pull the cable out of the adjuster screw, pulling away from the handle. Align the cable end with the slot and pull the cable end down, out of the handle as shown.

18cableout.jpg Levers4-2.JPG

Remove the pivot bolt lock nut. Make sure you do the nut before you try to take the bolt out.


Remove the pivot bolt. You will need the ratchet to unscrew it.


Pull the bolt the rest of the way out by hand. Tip: If your cable looks like this one, it may be time for some lube.


Remove the lever. It may be tight, but once the bolt is removed, just pull it out. If you have trouble removing the lever, it may be that the choke/turn signal housing is preventing the lever from getting past it. The mount for the clutch lever is adjustable. A single bolt secures it. If the clutch lever mount and the choke/signal housing are too close to each other on the handlebar, loosen that mounting bolt slightly and wiggle the clutch lever mount slightly farther toward the center of the bike.

Reinstalling is these steps backwards. Make sure you don't break the switch on the reinstall. It should be lined up. The plunger is the delicate part.

Levers15aaa-2.JPG 13adjuster2- annotate.jpg

The plunger is pushed by the flat piece on the lever.


Install the cable, pushing the cable end up into the slot, and pulling the cable into the adjuster.


The cable should look like this when installed correctly.


Front brake lever

Remove the pivot bolt lock nut from below, the same as on the clutch lever.


Unscrew and remove the pivot bolt. This uses the flathead screwdriver.

Levers10-2.JPG Levers11-2.JPG

Remove the lever.


To reinstall the brake lever just do these steps backwards.

This job is very easy and quick to do.