Throttle cable dis/re-assembly

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This isn't something that you should have to worry about very often, but the right-hand control pod does intimidate lots of people. One way to keep from having to learn about this part of your bike is to lube the throttle cables from the bottom up.

Obsessively taking a bunch of pictures of the controls and cables while you're disassembling them is a good idea, so you can have plenty of reference for how everything is put together before you take it apart.

Be careful when you are taking apart the throttle controls. Watch the routing of the cable carefully, and be sure you can put it back together correctly. Here is a series of photos of the throttle dis-assembly.

Woodcraft risers 5.jpg Woodcraft risers 6-2.jpg Woodcraft risers 7-3.jpg

Unlike some other bikes, there are two throttle cables. The upper cable goes over the throttle tube and hooks. This is the closing cable. The lower cable connects to the bottom of the tube and is the opening cable.

IMG 0845-3.jpg

After everything is mounted up, check the routing of the cables and brake lines. Be sure they don't bind or rub on anything. Run the engine and make sure the throttle doesn't change when you turn the bars to full lock in both directions. If it does, adjust the throttle cable route until it doesn't.