Vacuum oil change systems

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Vacuum oil change systems

Tools similar to Pela 6000 or LiquiVac, sold at JcWhitney allow "top-side" oil changes. The system is basically a vacuum pump. A hose is inserted into the engine oil fill hole, and the device sucks the oil into a sealed container.

Advantages offered by this method:

  • A lot less messy.
  • No hot oil rolling up your arm.
  • No dropped oil plug bolts.
  • No spilling oil from the catch-pan all over your storage/transport container - you can pour the oil out of the reservoir into the bottles you just emptied.

To drain all of the oil, you'd have to fish the pick-up line past the clutch assembly and into the lower oil pan. BrianM tested the Pela 6000 model on his car, and reported actually draining more oil than via the "normal" method.