What benefit will I get from an MSF course?

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Not only do you learn critical life-saving skills during the course, you might be able to pick up an insurance discount as well. There are many little things you learn in that course that you could never pick up from learning from friends, or especially by yourself. It's definitely worth the money. You will learn a lot in the crash course. It would be a good idea to make that course a LAW or mandatory for all motorcycle riders. A lot of accidents could be prevented and riders saved if it was.

The course is basically designed for the new rider but, most of the time, people who show up for it are those who have ridden before. In a class of about 15, sometimes only a couple people have never ridden. People have been known to ride brand-new Harleys to the course! (Some companies give huge discounts for taking the course, so you see people there just for the insurance discount, too.)

If you're having trouble deciding, remember that nothing but good things will come out of taking that course.