Windjammer review

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Since I am already half deaf and have really been battling wind roar, I decided to try the Windjammer. It is basically a neoprene sleeve for the bottom of your helmet.

Initial observations:

  • Price was about $27 shipped from the UK. You can save the ~$7 per unit shipping cost if you buy two.
  • Doesn't eliminate wind roar at speed, but does noticeably reduce it. With earplugs in, wind roar no longer drowns out the ringing of my tinnitus (I'm just falling apart).
  • I do still wear my earplugs. When I hop off the bike from my 45 minute highway commute, the ringing in my ears is much less than before.
  • The helmet is not as easy to put on / take off. The neoprene is firm and tries to skive off my ears and nose.
  • Less airflow into the helmet at speed, making it more prone to visor fogging. In the rain, opening the helmet's vents and leaving the visor open a click helps.
  • When it is not being worn, the helmet is less open at the base, taking longer to dry. I let it sit on its side with the visor open to maximize evaporation.
  • Attenuates wind noise a little more than general noise. Allows you to choose slightly less aggressive earplugs and have a little better chance of hearing other vehicles.
  • This does make the helmet run much warmer (good in winter; not so good in summer).

Bottom line:

Not a panacea, but definitely a net positive addition to the set of wind roar abatement tools.