Woodcraft rearsets shifter adjustability fix

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Not that this comes under the definition of 'frequent', but for the few people who may have purchased rearsets from Woodcraft, or who may have problems adjusting their shifter after buying another brand, this may help.

First of all, a definition: Rearsets are replacement footpegs and peg brackets that move your foot position to the rear (hence the name) and usually up. These are used by track riders and racers to get more clearance than what standard footpegs give. Although the Woodcraft model is not adjustable, some (usually more expensive) models are. And of course, there is a limited selection of manufacturers who make these for the EX250. The Woodcraft rearsets move the pegs up 1" and back 2".

Woodcraft basic rearsets.jpg

These are the EX500 parts you need to buy:

  • Part #13236-1153 LEVER-COMP,CHANGE PEDAL
  • Part #39110-1077 ROD-ASSY-TIE

The shift lever part number has been replaced (superseded) by #13242-0004. This means that any year EX500 shifter will work, which may help in finding a used one.

You don't need:

  • Part #13236-1103 LEVER-COMP,GEAR POSITION
  • Part #13236-1154 LEVER-COMP,CHANGE LINK

When you install the Woodcraft rearsets and want to adjust the shifter to your natural setting, the fact that the shifter linkage is under the shifter rotational axis makes it so the linkage bumps against the axis and the shifter can't go down any further. This may give you a hard time shifting into first. You can raise it up a little bit, but then it may be too high to give you a good feel.

When you get the EX500 shifter lever AND linkage rod, you'll find that the shifter linkage is on top of the shifter rotational axis, so it shouldn't have any downshift problems. And because the shifter linkage angle is far forward, there shouldn't be any upshift problems, either. You will need to flip your existing gear shift rod attachment so it points upwards instead of downwards (take the 10mm bolt all the way out, or it won't slide off) to keep your standard shift pattern (1 down - 5 up). Use the EX500 shifter linkage rod, as the Woodcraft one is too long.

With the new setup, if you try to adjust your shifter too far down, on downshifts your shifter linkage point could rotate so far forward that it clears horizontal and flips around to the under side, making your shifter quite difficult to use. So, be careful and test shifting into first a few times before hitting the road.

If you wish to run a GP shift pattern (1 up - 5 down, used primarily by racers), you'll have even more room to adjust the lever down before it succumbs to the above problem. To run the GP shift pattern you have to put the gear shift rod attachment on like it was originally: facing down. You may need to use the Woodcraft linkage rod in this case, since the distance will be slightly longer.

The EX500 shifter is a different shape, bringing the end of the shifter out away from the bike a bit more than the stock one. While this shouldn't be a problem, it may take a while to get used to. An advantage to this different shifter shape is that it clears the sidestand spring, which some people have had sticking problems with.

Woodcraft also makes a model with billet shift and brake pedals. This one shouldn't have similar issues, due to the position of the shifter linkage attachment point, but this is unproven. Make sure they're going to work before you scratch them up and can't return them.

Woodcraft billet pedals.jpg