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If you find the position of the levers on your EX250 not to your liking, there are some alternatives.

For help with removing and re-installing the levers, see Replacing clutch & brake levers.


If you can't find a good hand position via the clutch cable adjusters, then you can replace the perch and lever with an adjustable model. The easiest way is to stay with Kawasaki parts. You can install one from an EX500. There are no drawbacks to this modification.

For the EX500 lever to work you will need an entire clutch lever assembly, available from Ron Ayers, Bike Bandit, or your dealer. You can also check for used ones on eBay. Part number is 46076-1165. This is a very common part, and comes stock on a variety of Kawasaki bikes. You have to remove the bar end and hand grip to remove the EX250 assembly, by sliding it off, unless you decide to break it. The EX500 doesn't need to be slid over the end; it clamps on.

According to Ron Ayers, Kawasaki put #46076-1165 on these bikes:

  • ZX-6: Model #ZX600D1 (1990) - D4 ('93); ZX600E1 ('93) - E12 ('04)
  • ZX6R: Model #ZX600F1 ('95) - F3 ('97)
  • EX500: All D series, from 1994-->present

If you're not sure of what you're getting and only have a picture, note that you don't want the kind which has a single-piece ring mount. Those are similar to the stock EX250 part, which needs to be slid down off the bar, after everything else is taken off. Also note that many sellers on eBay sell the lever and the perch separately, and used is not necessarily a lot cheaper than new.

Below is the clutch perch and lever from an EX500.

Clutch lever EX500.jpg


The EX500 brake lever replaces the EX250 brake lever and is available through eBay or Ron Ayers. Part number: 13236-1185. Any model with the same part number will also work.

Murph's Kits sells an aftermarket version for the Concours (same part number) for about 1/2 the price. These install the same as the EX500 lever and work well. They look like this:


Installation - Brake Lever

Simple as pie. Remove the pivot bolt (unscrew the nut side first, VERY important). Remove lever, replace w/ new lever. 5 minutes.

On the brake lever, the knob is numbered 1-4. 4 adjusts the lever closer to the grip. To turn the knob, you have to push gently back on the lever. This will allow the knob to spin freely.

13236-1185 shown installed.

Adj Lever Installed.jpg

A note on color

The EX500 levers have the same part # from '94-->now. This means they should all be black. You should check with your seller before you buy, though, just to make sure. It's impossible to tell from the online fiche what color it is.

If you want your levers to be polished in color, you're going to have to work with your dealer, aftermarket seller, or moto-recycler. The FAQ staff is unsure exactly which ones will fit at this time.

Bend or break?

A general rule of thumb is that OEM clutch and brake levers will bend on impact, while aftermarket ones will break. You may have to consider how this will impact you and make it part of your buying decision. There have also been reports of some of the OEM adjustable levers breaking.

One other thing: Aftermarket adjustable levers tend not to include the adjustment wheel; they assume your bike came with adjustable levers and that you'll pull it out of your stock lever. This is not always true, but is something to keep in mind when ordering. The factory ones come with the wheel and pin in place.